What is the difference between single inheritance and multiple inheritance .explain with an example in python?

Inheritance is a method that can derive or build new classes from the existing class. Here our main topic of discussion is the difference between single inheritance and multiple inheritance, two types of inheritance. In single inheritance, we only have one base class, which is inherited by a single derived class. In multiple inheritance we have more than two base classes that are inherited in combination by a single derived class.

Inheritance is a process of obtaining properties and characteristics (variables and methods) of another class. In this hierarchical order, the class that inherits another class is called a subclass or child class, and the other class is the parent class. In multiple inheritance, the characteristics of all base classes are inherited in the derived class. The syntax of multiple inheritance is similar to single inheritance.

Inheritance is if a subclass gets all the methods and variables of a superclass. When a secondary class inherits only one single parent class. At least 1 upper case letter and 1 lower case letter Minimum 8 characters and maximum 50 characters. This satisfies the requirement to implement code that needs multiple inheritances in the implementation.

An inheritance is called hybrid inheritance if more than one type of inheritance is implemented in the same code. In this tutorial, you'll learn about multiple inheritance in Python and how to use it in your program. If a child class inherits properties from a parent class, all other subclasses of the child class will also inherit the properties of the parent class. In the above code, “Above is the parent class and “Below is the child class that inherits the parent class.

In addition, programmers can implement single inheritance using any programming language that supports OOP. Later we created a class “electric_car”, now the car class is a parent class and the electric_car class is a child class, and the relationship between the vehicle class and electric_car is multilevel inheritance. In multilevel inheritance, the properties of the parent and child classes are available to the new class. Single inheritance is a type of inheritance that allows a derived class to inherit attributes and methods from a single parent class, while multiple inheritance is a type of inheritance that allows a derived class to inherit attributes and methods from more than one parent class.

The access specifier decides how the member of the base class will be inherited from the derived class. The Account class is now publicly inherited to the savings account class, so that the savings account class can directly access all public members of the account class. Inheritance is classified according to the hierarchy followed and the number of major classes and subclasses involved. This type of inheritance allows a subclass or derived class to inherit properties and characteristics from the main class, which avoids duplication of code and improves code reuse.

Depending on the number of parent and child classes involved, there are four types of inheritance in python. To make a class inherit from a superclass, you need to define the parenthesis in the class definition.