Unequal inheritance reddit?

I'm a 35-year-old woman. I have a younger brother (23 James) and an older sister (38 Jesse). Our father died in an accident when we were little and our mother raised us alone. My father left a good size property plus insurance money.

Recently, our mother had a health problem with cancer. It turned out to be benign, but she still wanted to make sure her affairs were in order. About a week ago, he sat us all down to tell us how he had divided his estate, our father's estate, and the entire inheritance. At first, he explained, his brother's reaction was to argue against the New Testament, claiming it was unfair.

According to the woman, her parents insisted on being fair and equal throughout her life, even buying a gift for the poster when they provided free daycare for the brother. In my opinion, the worst thing parents can do is anything that makes their children quarrel, feel unequal or resentful. That is why the inheritance must be the same, no matter WHAT the feelings are, OR else the resentment and sadness among the recipients that lasts your whole life is left behind. I may be a jerk because I suggested to my older sister that she receive a small portion or nothing of my mother's inheritance.

As with my family, my mother has told me that my sister receives more of her inheritance than my brother and I because she “needs her more. If so, it makes sense to hand over the inheritance to individual family units rather than to the named grandchildren. My father remarried after my mother died almost 20 years ago, and my brothers continue to complain that their inheritance goes to my stepmother and her children instead of them. I saw us as unequal, inferior to my cousins, since their mother was the golden child who did not cause them social shame.

In addition, the share of Connor and Olivia is still a lot of money each, it's more than most people inherit and more money than most people have access when they are in their early 20s. Be thankful you received something; not many people are lucky enough to receive an inheritance from their grandparents. It is very easy for children to equate one as a favorite with actions of inheritance when that is not the case, but it requires a lot of communication. My brother and I's share of the estate was set aside in separate trusts, and my aunt kept everything else.

From Reddit I have also learned that inheritance is complicated if more grandchildren appear after the death of a loved one and then they have no inheritance compared to their siblings. Children have no right to inherit and between slandering you when you were in contact and the cutting contact, she kind of made her choice and you cut her off is simply confirming it.